The Mantua Center School

Mantua_Center_School_._3.jpg school

The Mantua Center School was built in 1914 and is currently a candidate for the National Register of Historic Places.  The application was approved at the state level in June and forwarded to the National Parks Service in Washington, D.C. for final approval.  Final approval is expected by October of this year. (Approval granted Sept. 5,2013. See article under "Announcements").

     Picture above left taken about 1933.      Above right taken 2011. 

The Civic Center


The Civic Center that was built in 1837.  It has been used as a church as well as a  township school.  It sported an ornate steeple on the north end  of  the structure.  It is now wheelchair accessible and was used for voting, in conjunction with the Township Hall(former Grange Hall). The original entrance can still be seen in this photo. This building can be rented by contacting any township trustee.  All Mantua Township voters now vote in the former Mantua Center School annex. 


The Town Hall


The Town Hall and  former Grange Hall built in 1840.   It was also the township school for a time.  Original MaRSI volunteers dug out the crawl space and converted the space to a full basement.  The upper floor houses the Mantua Historical Society.  The siding is still the original tulip poplar cut from virgin timber.